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Integrated security systems is a multi-layered system that uses different components by combining them into all in one  monitoring centre


Integrated Security System

Monitoring, communication and patrolling of your facilities are seamlessly aided by technology. We actively seek out new solutions to enhance our clients’ security programs and evaluate our partners to ensure they continue to provide industry-leading solutions. Some of the technology solutions available at Madina Security include:

The most effective, cost saving and reliable form of total security protection. It is a combination or an integration of a number of different form of security into one. The security of large commercial, industrial or warehousing premises is now more complex than ever. It is now prerequisite for many security system for firms to design and configure specific types of guard to cater for the clients required needs. The protective measure must be coordinated under a centralized control, this is to prevent the overall security system from becoming seriously impaired.

The system designed at any targeted area of protection is an integration of the following number of individual systems. These are expandable to be looped together in the future:

    •  CCTV Surveillance System                •  Card Access System

    •  Alarm System                                     •  Independent Alarms System

    •  Central Monitoring System

The 24 hours Real-time monitoring system

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